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Our Disney Haunted Mansion Costumes!

Once a year, my husband and I and our group of friends(who all love costuming and general geeking out) schlep down to Walt Disney World for the huge Halloween party nights they have there. It’s a paradise for people who wish they could still dress up and trick-or-treat, because that is exactly what you can do. Grown people dressed as pirates and ghosties, yelling “trick-or-treat!” and getting cheap candy–paradise, I’m tellin’ ya! Imagine Disney World decked out in Halloween lights and decorations, and open till midnight for a special Halloween celebration complete with fireworks and spooky-themed parades and shows.

Needless to say, visiting the Haunted Mansion attraction is an especially delicious experience at this time of year. Since my husband and I and our pals are all huge fans of the place, what better way to envelop ourselves in theĀ  madness than with Victorian-era clothing, creepy makeup and rags and tatters where appropriate?


The Disney castmembers have thrown such a fit over us when we arrive that we often get special treatments..such as this handsome posed studio photo. We’ve also gotten fastpass tickets, pins and other special photos. We also get the “last ride” at midnight in The Haunted Mansion.

Characters left to right are: Prudence the Maid(the floating candelabras you see in the Mansion),Phineas Queeg, Ezra Dobbins, Gus Gracey,Pickwick(you can see him on the chandelier in the Ballroom) and in the front, Emily Cavanaugh Gracey(the Mansion’s previous bride before the new bride called Constance moved in)

Real people left to right are:Gina, Darrell,Detag, Steve,Jesse, and me in the front.


Phineas, Ezra and Gus, the famous Hitchiking Ghosts.


During a couple of trips we’ve made a special effort to go ride other rides. It’s a little difficult sometimes, due to limited mobility in the costumes, but we haven’t had any mishaps yet. Here we are at It’s a Small World, where dear Gina took the photo.

I like my makeup a lot better in this one–we used more black around my eyes.


Here’s a great example of masses of castmembers wanting photos with us.:)


I think we are against a vine-covered wall in Fantasyland here.

That’s probably enough for now. I have tons of photos of us in these costumes, but these are my favorites.:)

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23 comments on “Our Disney Haunted Mansion Costumes!

  1. Steph
    April 20, 2009

    Ha, you guys should totally be cast members! I have Disney envy D:

    • puppatoons
      April 20, 2009

      Oh, we wish we could…but we live too far away!

      • Steph
        April 21, 2009

        I promise you I live further away than you XD excuses, excuses. ;)

  2. Shawn Robare
    April 20, 2009

    That is too cool!

    • puppatoons
      April 20, 2009

      Thank you! It was a lot of work getting those costumes together, I tell ya. :)

  3. Giz Gunnar
    April 20, 2009

    Very nice! Unfortunately, they don’t let any adults into Disneyland who are wearing costumes. They must have a better grip on reality over there in Florida.

    • puppatoons
      April 20, 2009

      Yes! We tried to do that once(fortunately we called from our hotel to double-check) and were so disappointed that we had come all that way to California with our costumes and couldn’t wear them!
      I have heard they do some sort of Halloween party now, but the source wasn’t totally sure. I’d love to find out.

    • Vinnie Bartilucci
      July 6, 2009

      I remember they had a similar rule when Worldcon was in Anaheim back in 1984. The mindset was if a person in a costume did something weird or unsettling while in the park, the guests would assume they worked FOR the park, and blame it, and not the well-meaning but goofy fans.

      Here in PA, the Dorney Park has “Halloweekends” in October, but thanks to the post-9/11 security mindedness, you can wear costumes, but no masks or facepaint. Yeah, I’m betting there’s no Al-quaeda cells plotting to take over Hydra-The Revenge – rope it in.

      • puppatoons
        July 6, 2009

        I think recently an employee in an official Tigger costume got busted for groping a kid, so I am really surprised any of the parks allow us to wear costumes at all.Riding it out till the next big goofy thing happens, I guess.

        Because people kept thinking we were the “real” HM characters, the managers in the attraction have asked us to not stand near it anymore when we are in costume– we clog up the entrance with people wanting photos with us. I think that should be the big red flag for them to actually put Haunted Mansion characters in the park–people love them!

  4. Eden
    April 20, 2009

    This is fan-fricking-tastic :)

    • puppatoons
      April 20, 2009

      Thanks so much! And yes, we are the Fans, the RABID FANS of the HM, LOL…

  5. barboid
    April 21, 2009

    What? Disneyland wouldn’t let you guys in???? They’re idiots! They should’ve welcomed you with open arms! You are all so awesome! I’m just gobsmacked at how great you all look! I always preferred Pirates of the Carribbean (water roller coaster ride for the win), but seeing you makes me want to go back! Heh, I haven’t been there in over 20 years. I know lots has changed since then. I’d like to take my kids before they’re too old to enjoy it! Again, you all rule! Thanks for sharing this on the Epic Win Site!

    • puppatoons
      April 21, 2009

      Thank you! Yes, you should go–many changes over the past couple of decades!
      We love Pirates, too…as a matter of fact, we used to dress as pirates when we went down there until everybody started doing it.:)

  6. Jaime
    July 19, 2009

    I really love the costumes- I am dying to work at HM but I was stuck in strollers! They must have taken some effort not to mention how hot MK is in October! The kids must have been so freaked.

    • puppatoons
      July 20, 2009

      Oh, you poor thing. I always wondered about the poor folks who have to wrangle the ocean of strollers..but hey, you keep the areas safe so we’re not stumbling all over the darned things.

  7. Johna
    August 8, 2010

    Wow,your costumes are amazing.There nice but, if you are like the majority people, you don’t encompass the time to sew costumes. The cost of supplies alone far exceeds the cost of a pre-sewn costume. Disney character costumes are better bought then made for most people.

    • puppatoons
      August 12, 2010

      I really don’t understand what you’re telling me.We’re able to make our costumes, so we did!

  8. Sean Brown
    August 2, 2011

    VERY creative.
    What did the Bride use for her lighted beating heart?
    Please e-mail me privately.

  9. disneywitch
    August 2, 2011

    VERY creative.
    What did the Bride use for her lighted beating heart?
    Please e-mail me privately please.

  10. This is awesome. Can I be your friend?

  11. Paula Russ Craiglow
    October 2, 2012

    Any chance you could give me some insight on how you got the pieces for Ezra? My 8 year old is DYING to be him for Halloween and I think it is too late to have one made. I have a vest and could do the makeup but it looks like his jacket was bought? How bout the tie? Thanks in advance.

    • puppatoons
      January 11, 2013

      Sorry it took so long to reply…just now saw this. We scoured thrift stores, used a bald cap and bought a hat at a vintage-reproduction hat store for our fellow’s costume.:)

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