Big Purchase Today.

Whew. Okay. Today I go to purchase an overhead projector. This piece of equipment will be essential for performing the shadow puppet shows I’ve always wanted to do, and having taken some workshops on the technique, I think I’m ready.Shadow puppetry will be a major part of a show I’m planning.
I’ve saved for it, I have a $30 coupon at Officemax; it’s time.*gulp*
It’s amazing what I’ve been able to buy for my workshop, thanks to making myself give up a lot of stuff on ebay.Work tables, tons of supplies like fabric,foam, and thread, paints,tools, a sewing machine,storage containers,lamps,an air conditioner,a phone,shelves,a wall mirror, a tripod..good lord.
Probably the best purchase I’ve made? A planner. Wow, what a wonderful thing my little DayRunner is.
Up next is a better video camera, that films digitally.

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