Meeting More Muppets!

You can has LJ cuts!

Meeting Dave Goelz and Steve Whitmire at the Atlanta History Center,part of the “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World” exhibit.

Dave Goelz talking while Steve Whitmire puts on Kermit.

Dave with Gonzo, whose left eye was not working, so he could do these hysterically pyschotic expressions and Dave decided he liked it.

Steve brought out Rizzo, who needed help with his tiny arm rods. Gonzo offered to assist, and mayhem started.

Demonstrating the physical stresses of working with Muppets.

Coming down and sitting on the front of the stage and talking to us, just shooting the breeze. It was awesome!

Smits, Dave, and Sis

My Steve, and Dave

Steve and me–my mom sold Steve a house in Atlanta–he’s local. Unfortunately, she did not take me to meet him back then and I’ve held a grudge ever since.Both these guys were really nice, but Steve was just so giggly and chuckly, it was adorable.

On a Muppety high, Steve and my two pals—Smits and her Sis—went home and got stoopid in my workshop:

Wulfy meets Storch–the two newest puppets for each of us get together like old friends.

Smits and Ambrose

Wulfy and me

(thanks to Steve for being a great photog!)

(Smits, I’ll get some good files to you)

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