Successful day

My volunteer hour at the CFPA went very well.Made some new friends, and directed people back and forth like cattle;”This show that way, that show this way, no videotaping or cameras please, workshops upstairs on the 3rd floor, Wood’s birthday party this way, Jaden’s party that way,presents go here,museum exhibit general admission please, thank you”. I hope they call me again soon; I will wiggle my way into a job there, I can feel it.

Steve took me to IKEA afterward, because I was starving and the food rocks there.Ate way too much and we discussed my toy constructions, then walked around the store.My favorite “room” is now slowly being disassembled.WAH!

click the cut to see how the room used to look:

For any of you NorthClaw readers, this was L’Angelo’s bedroom in his new apartment.I loved this room so much, I took pictures and totally made it a backdrop in my story. Now, the furniture is slowly changing out and the lamp(love that lamp) and the bedspread is gone.:(


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