Looking for a Lost Friend

I knew a fabulously gifted puppeteer named Terry Snyder back in my puppet-festival-going days, and he sang this original song onstage one night.I may have a few of the lyrics not quite right, but I still sing it to myself for a giggle.

I believe that puppeteers have a special gift inside
That reaches out through rods and strings
From hearts that open wide
When we perform, we share our gift as we make ’em laugh or cry
That’s why I’m a puppeteer,
An’ I’ll be one ’til I die! (Everybody sing!)

I’m gonna be a puppeteer and shake a dolly on a string
I’m gonna stuff puppets on both my hands and make ’em dance and sing!
I’m gonna be just like (your name here) without a single care…
I’f I could be a puppeteer,
Then I could be a millionaire!!

Alas, I lost touch with Terry, and I think of him when I sing that song. I’d really like to touch base with him again.


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