The Birth of Mo.

I’ve been asked, “Where did Mo come from”? Well, kids, here’s your answer. Pull up a chair!

A couple of years ago, when my husband and I frequented Moe’s Southwest Grill (we now are regular patrons of Chipotle instead), Moe’s had a contest asking for little animated shorts for a commercial. Steve and I sat at our table pondering making an entry, and,on a napkin, I drew this:

My husband later cleaned it up,scanned it and colored it:

This is why Mo loves burritos and is often pictured with one.
In our quickly-brainstormed storyboard idea,Mo and his big brother,Gorren, are trying to catch burritos that are falling out of the sky.Gorren seems to keep sprouting arm after arm to catch the burritos and little Mo, only having two arms, is unable to catch any. Then, when Gorren finally is out of arms to catch burritos with, another last burrito falls. Mo catches it, and triumphantly holds it aloft, exclaiming his trademark squeaky quote of “Deh!”. Gorren, inconsolable over losing the last burrito, bursts into tears of frustration. It was all rather weird, but we had quite a laugh about it, and little Mo took over in our imaginations as the “little guy” who, even if he can’t speak the language, always manages, somehow, to triumph over the greatest hardships.The name Mo simply came from the restaurant, with the “e” removed as a small nod to Maureen “Mo” Starkey, as in, first wife of Ringo Starr(I’ve always been a Ringo fan as well as a George fan).

We never truly got around to explaining why Gorren has eight arms and two eyes, while Mo has only two arms and one eye. One day we might discuss drawing their parents, and see what bubbles out of that creative session!

Gorren is named for Bobby Goren on the TV show “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”.Both are big guys.


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