Bighorn Sheep Head.

Yes, you may laugh.
While going through a ton of old junk to take to Goodwill,I found this great piece of a costume my grandmother and I made for me when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. We were doing reports on endangered species,we were forced into groups, and we had to put on little plays. In my group we had a prairie dog and a bighorn sheep(me) and those are all I can remember. I forgot the plot of the play we performed, but I was playing a male bighorn(so I’d have horns)and my friend Melinda was the prairie dog.

This headwear is just a simple brown beanie, made from fabric scavenged from my grandmother’s HUGE stash of fabric scraps she had in her attic.I designed the pattern for the horns and ears, and using fabric I’d chosen, Grandmother worked her magic, completing it with an elastic band to keep it on my head.

I don’t believe bighorns are endangered any more, judging from the disgusting,hideous assault of hunting trophy adventure photos I had to wade through on the internet before finding this portrait of a (live) male sheep.Seems everyone can go out and shoot them all they like now.


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