May I PROUDLY present: Four-Eyes Schattenhoffer.

A most happy accident, yes. While messing around with an Anything Muppet pattern, a character I had had on the back burner sprang forth to life.

This puppet was a working prototype of Mo, using a plentiful red fur that a friend had given me for free instead of the precious small amount of light blue fur I have stashed away for Mo. This fur is still excellent quality and very soft and vibrant.
The head had a very tall cranium, as is kind of expected with an Anything Muppet pattern, and I decided immediately I didn’t like it. Looked far too “Elmo”.So, I cut it off. Instant lobotomy, somewhat.You can clearly see the result in the side view.

With his four eyes,he looks rather like a spider, so I gave him little moth-like feelers to offset them. I quite like the beady shininess of his eyes. The two large ones are buttons while the smaller ones are opaque plastic cabochons for jewelry making. I added two wee sharp teeth in his lower jaw, again to decrease the “Elmo” similarity, and I think he came out pretty freakin’ cute. He still needs arms, hence the photo being cut off at the neck. Since he has a black mouth interior, he may or may not get a tongue and he certainly doesn’t need a “throat”.

Again, a very happy accident.

EDIT: If the name sounds vaguely familiar to you, watch this clip of the beloved movie A Christmas Story and start paying close attention at 5:30(or forward it to that point).

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