The Letter People–Mr. H and his Horrible Hair

Mr. H was my favorite of The Letter People.

How to describe The Letter People, exactly? Well, it was a show on public television, created in the 70’s, and featured extremely primitive, low-budget-looking puppets with great variety in character but were rather frightening in appearance.Each letter of the alphabet was represented by a unique character with traits derived from its letter. The consonants were male, and the vowels were female.Each of the 60 episodes revolved around meeting a particular Letter Person or combining two Letter People together to make a sound, like “CH” or “OU”.The Letter People lived in Letter People Land,which was a kind of dark and featureless place, and they had many adventures and conflicts, always ending with we kids learning about a new letter or sound.
Although I have not been able to find any information confirming my theory, I’m quite certain that, to get a lot of different and unique voices for the Letter People puppets,pre-recorded songs and scripts, using voice actors,were played on the set while the puppeteers filmed their scenes. The lip sync is terrible and I’m not sure if it’s from the performers not being able to memorize the pre-recorded dialogue quickly enough, or if they were simply shoddy puppeteers.

Theme song:

Come and meet the Letter People.
Come and visit the family.
Words are made of Letter People.
A-B-C-D, follow me!

When the show was updated in the 1990’s, Mr. H’s “horrible hair” was changed to the more politically correct “happy hair”, which I find rather stupid. Mr. H. still rocked.


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