New Drawing of an Old Friend..LIZZY

This is a recent drawing. I haven’t drawn her in a long time, but essentially, Lizzy is me, pure and simple, even if she’s a part of my personality I’d like to keep under better control,haha!
Impulsive, gluttonous and foul-tempered, Lizzy is a blue, eight-foot long Monitor Lizard of undetermined variety.She has big yellow eyes, and wears a pink bow around her neck in a desperate attempt to add the tiniest bit of femininity.

This clip was what helped me bring Lizzy to full fruition.She’s a direct descendant of Joanna, the Goanna Lizard in The Rescuers Down Under, and when a good friend of mine saw this, and knew I was trying to create a lizardy character for myself, she said, “That is IT.That is so you, use Joanna as kind of a template.”
Joanna’s awesome.

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