My main specialties when I made puppets as a kid were monsters and birds. For a hopeful job position doing a kid’s story hour at a local library, I was inspired to make this woodpecker hand puppet. I decided to continue the project whether I get the job or not,but this wee fellow sure would be cute to have reading along with me and reacting to the story.

His name is Arrow, and he’s still in progress:

Rarely has a character come so quickly to me. I thought of him the day before yesterday, in the morning, as I was waking up.I drew this on our notepad we keep in the kitchen. Anything you draw on this pad has turned out to be fair game; my husband added the itty smooshed person underneath.
He’s a “glove” hand puppet, as in, the puppet’s body is like a glove;your fingers work the little arms and one finger is up inside the puppet’s head.I’ve almost totally figured out how I would read a story to the kids, with him being silent except “tap-tapping” with his beak to get my attention. Then I’d have him “whisper” in my ear, and I’d reply,”No, Arrow, I don’t think there are any woodpeckers in this book”, etc. Little sweet stuff like that.This all came to me in like five minutes while I was waking up the other morning and I barely had time to scribble it down before I lost it.This is yet another use of the red fur my pal Jill gave me–Can Demons, Schattenhoffer, and now the head of a woodpecker! I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate this fur.:)

Here’s the foam head, with something I am trying for the first time: A beak stiffened with a shell made of styrene.It will be covered with fabric.

Here’s the head, viewing just the left side, with a scrap of the wondrous red plush quickly wrapped around it, and the proper eye placed….isn’t he cute so far?

The body, using a sleek black plush and some really cruddy ancient-style “craft fur” in white. I would have liked something better-quality for his wing tips, but it was all I could find quickly.

The body with the white breast added. I refused to use the white craft fur a second time and pulled out a scrap of lovely white fur scrap-sample with a green tipping on it. After I had cut off all the green, it was not only solid white but had a great scruffy texture.

….aaand, this is the mess I’m making. Cat is George Kitteh.


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