Pondering a design….George Stinktooth..

I am seriously considering re-making my old, old puppet George Stinktooth(his last name used to be Fishbreath, but I had to change it a while back–didn’t know it was kinda naughty). Steve does a great voice that I think would be perfect for him, and he needs some practice working a really big puppet head anyway. Working a large set of puppet jaws requires some subtlety in choice of lip-synch; if you try to enunciate every syllable, you’ll wear yourself out,and a lot of unnecessary mouth flapping occurs.You sort of have to teach yourself when you need to combine several syllables into one opening of the mouth.
Just for the record, even though I obviously like the name, I have no idea why I named him George–he’s not a GH caricature in any way.
Maybe it’s the teeth?

Anyway, George(on the left in the photo) would be able to be made of newer, fresher materials, and he would be able to have a few features I wanted to add back then but didn’t know how. I’m still looking for my old sketch, but he had huge, tall antennas with tufts on the ends (what I affectionately call “Poongas” when they are ears)and a really thick, bushy black mane running down the back of his neck.He’s always had those cute lop ears, though, but I might make them longer and flopsier.
George’s mouth is huge,as long as my arm. His teeth are simply little foam rubber triangles that of course turned yellow and became squished over the years. I would like to make his teeth a little more sturdy. He would of course keep his distinctive blue tongue.
I’m a bit concerned about the eyes–they are made from the tops of L’Eggs Pantyhose containers, which were the godsend of craft materials back then. L’Eggs no longer come in these containers, and I’m not sure if I could find more.

What I am wondering is, is that even though a newer, better white tiger-striped material is available:

would I want to use black-and-white?

I’ve seen pink, and it is very tempting:

However, the black and white does seem to “go” better with his blue tongue.Still, I sure like that pink.


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