Organizing patterns.

I was a very cluttery, unorganized person for most of my life,so it is with some measure of pride that I demonstrate my way of keeping patterns organized without the use of a file cabinet.

This is a plain old plastic shelf I’ve had around the house for ages, and I simply got three plastic filing crates to go in it. They fit perfectly.

The first two are labeled “Toy Patterns” and “Puppet Patterns”.

The bottom one is blank and empty, but at the rate I’m building things, it may fill up with puppet patterns soon. Every puppet I make, even if its final result is a happy accident,gets its pattern saved as best as I can make it, in case I ever need to re-make that puppet.
Also note handy cat toy, for distracting kitties wanting to play in the crate.

I keep patterns in these snap-close plastic folders, to keep all the little pieces corralled.There is a slot for a label on the bottom corner of these, but I label them with a sticker at the top so I can find them in the crates easily. These come in a pack of 5 at Wal Mart and come in red, blue and black.I use blue for puppet patterns and black for toys.


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