Infuriation, resignation. The Mo chronicles.

I give up.I thought I was finished with Mo last night, except for putting in the arm rods. However, Steve noticed the blue marks in the seams of one arm and thought I should do it over.I had used a permanent marker in marking and cutting out the pattern, and thought it would all be on the inside when the arm was turned inside out.Well,I had to agree. Steve reminded me, “He is our star, you know!” and I said of course I’d redo it.Mo does deserve better.

I thought it would be a piece of cake.

Four new arms later, I have totally thrown in the towel. His right arm is perfect, and sewn on. I have not been able to match the left arm to save my life. The first time it came out too skinny, then the fabric, although it was the same, looked totally different.Same with the next, and the last one had really deformed fingers.
Finally I have decided to take the original left arm and spray it with Oxy-Clean, and put it through the wash.A lot of the blue marks were already coming off as I sprayed on the Oxy-Clean, so we’ll see how it looks afterward.

In the meantime, I wanted to work on a pair of new characters, Gruno and Gliz (the shark-faced characters in the tutorial), but their fabric is still on the way in the mail.

So, trying to do something constructive, I picked up the “dud” head from the first two attempts at Mo, and that will be the next entry.

UPDATE: Arm has been washed and looks GRREAAT!!


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