As Gruno slowly comes together..

Gruno is the male of the two characters.I thought I’d show a progress report. Fabric of the face is sewn on and sewn to the mouth interior, and now the long, scraggy fur that makes up his neck is going on.

This fur is unbelievably cool,with three colors, but it is far too thick for my sewing machine to handle. The neck has been hand-sewn as a result. Luckily, fur hides EVERYTHING.

Here are his eyes.Sometimes in the stores at Easter, you can find plastic eggs that split in half lengthwise instead of the traditional widthwise split.They usually have a character design on one of the halves, so you pretty much have to get two of the same color egg and use the undecorated halves.

Usually when I’m this far on a puppet, I start placing the eyes and experimenting, just to see how things are going. Gruno is coming out nearly exactly as planned.

Soon, my friends, soon! πŸ™‚


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