I’m gonna do it… PINK!!

I’m gonna remake George Stinktooth, and I’m gonna make him pink. Hold onto your eyeballs and click the link for a rather large,loud picture.

Very appropriate on Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Anyway, this is very very close(except for the color) to how I originally envisioned him.Like Hari, he had “poongas” on top of his head, but they are not his ears; as you can see, he has rather dog-like lop ears. He’s built a bit like a predatory dinosaur, but he’s mostly head and tail–his limbs are a bit on the short & stumpy side.
My dream would be to see him as a full-body puppet,but that’s too ambitious for right now. I may settle for at least re-making his head and neck, and possibly giving him a torso and arms.
He used to be black and white…now I am digging this pink. I think I’ll keep his face, hands and feet white, though, and of course he keeps his blue tongue.

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