Mister Ed Puppet.

I did something so stupid I can’t believe it. I accidentally donated a box of stuff that was treasured old stuff to Goodwill and didn’t mean to. Since I cannot find it anywhere, I am assuming my Mister Ed Puppet went in that box.
However, I just bought a replacement(pictured), and the one bonus, is, I suppose, is that it still talks, where the old one was broken.
Mattel Toy Co. made this puppet in 1962.They also made one that spoke French that has collectors kicking up their heels just to buy one for at least $1,000.

When you pull Ed’s string,he says, (in English):

The phone is ringing shall I answer?
My shoes are good luck.
Just call me Mr Ed.
My girl friend has a pony tail.
Isn’t it silly talking to a horse?
I’m a horse Of course… “whinny”
I’ll be the horse you be the buggy.
Who has a horse face….”snort”
Come on lets talk.
Oh…horse feathers.

Ex-B-movie cowboy star Allan “Rocky” Lane was the voice of Mister Ed. I believe he regarded the voice work as a bit of a joke, because he had made some serious dramas and was in some of the old westerns.Lane remained anonymous as the voice coach of Mister Ed, and the show’s producers referred to him only as “an actor who prefers to remain nameless,” though once the show became a hit, Lane campaigned the producers for credit, which he never received. The credits listed Mister Ed as playing “Himself”; however, his real name was Bamboo Harvester.


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