Okay, today’s REAL post.

Storch got plastic surgery.

Not that he needed it…

Seriously, though, Storch’s face has been bugging me. His eyes were lopsided,his mouth was sewn very messily, and I didn’t like that I’d had to give him bushy eyebrows. I was already kind of pissed off that his eyes had to be sort of bulgy, anyway..they simply didn’t read from the front when I put eyes on the sides of his head like he has in my drawings:

What I had really wanted where black eyes with white pupils. That didn’t quite work out either.

But, I felt that if I could clean up his face, and get the sewing straight around his mouth I’d feel better. So I cut off his head,ripped off his eyes and cut a whole new fabric covering for his face.

I’m much more proud of the end product this time.

Of course, all these shots I take with myself are done with a mirror. But he’s pretty symmetrical, with both sides of his face nearly identical.

I especially love his long, long arms. He has only three fingers–well, two fingers and a thumb, actually, and I call his type of arms “Grover” arms. They are simply long tubes of fabric, unstuffed and floppity.

Although I still wish his beak were just a little more pointy, I’m still glad that he came out much tidier, and retains more of the “beady-eyed” look I was trying to accomplish.


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