Starting on the Yadda-Daddas.

These little guys will basically be my “be anything” characters. They’ll all look essentially the same, but they can play different roles if I give them hats or costumes.

I decided they’ll have furry bodies instead of only the ring-around-the-neck. What I cannot decide is:

1) Should they have faces(which will be fleece)with the color matching the body fur exactly, or:

2) Should they have faces that contrast, but still go with, with the body fur, or:

3) Should they all have the same “skin” tone(like a light pink or peach), but different color body fur?

Their inspiration comes from these three Sesame Street sources:

From L-R: Arlene Frantic,an Alphabet Alien, and one of The Beetles.

Arlene has the matching-fur-and body. The Alphabet Alien has the contrasting longer “fur” that still looks right. The Beetle simply has the little cute beady black eyes. All of them have a head shape I like.
I suppose I should do some color sketches before I make myself nuts going through all my fur and fleece.


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