Vintage Toy: The Squooshy Rubber Face Finger Puppet!

This is Steve’s and I think I recall us calling it Mr. Gaglio.

There are four finger “tubes” on the back of this puppet’s head that, with a little dexterity, allow you to twist this guy’s face into all sorts of horrid expressions.

Okay, enough of that.

They come in at least four different faces. Here’s a selection that was offered on ebay!



  1. I am interested in buying a quantity of “Mr. Gaglio”, for a trade show. Can you let me know if he is available in a quantity and how much.

  2. I used to have all of these when I was a kid. I called the top left one “The Boss,” the top right “Sloppy Joe”, can’t remember what I named the bottom left, and the bottom right “Igor.”

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