I made something kinda cute today.

It was a pretty horrible, long day, and the one spark of joy I had was finding those eggs.Once I got home, did some housework, and had my own little pizza party while my husband is out with friends, I finally did some puppet work. I often do my best stuff after 4 PM, for some odd reason.
I failed miserably at the YaddaDadda heads I was making yesterday–all six of them looked like crap. So today, I tried a new approach, using an altered “Kermit” pattern, and got results much, much closer to what I originally wanted.

This head is just straight fabric–no foam, not even any cardboard backing the mouth, which I deem necessary. But I had to try it out. I love it. This is what I wanted. I think if it had some cardboard to firm up the mouth it would be perfect.

It’s tiny, the size of my hand.

It’s wonderfully flexible and expressive.

And so cute! I can’t wait to try it again with some backing on the mouth.


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