Small joys. EGGS!!!

The approach of Easter makes me very happy. Mainly because the main thing I use for my puppet eyes is the humble plastic split-apart Easter egg, and the stores are LOADED with them.

The only problem is, I have to carefully check the eggs before I buy them, as the new thing is for the eggs to have HOLES in them. I could never figure out what this was all about–to keep kids from suffocating? To keep them from getting waterlogged? Why do they need holes in them? At last it hit me: to make those stupid Easter Trees:


Anyway, my L’Eggs pantyhose eggs finally came in the mail, yippee!

Funny thing is, these are wonderful and smooth and white and flawless, but they are also a lot flimsier than I remember. Possibly the ones I made crafts with when I was very young were indeed sturdier.

The top half is always what I need. Oh, what a wonderful puppet orb you will make.:)



  1. Thanks very much.. Will do..
    By any chance do you remember size of bottom part?

    They may be smaller than I remember… Ideally the bottom part would be 3-4 inches in diameter and nearly 4 inches tall..

    What do you think?

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