Remember I said I bought some car wash mitts?

THIS is what became of them!! BWAHA!

I bought two, in my favorite colors, blue and purple(the green was a little too dayglo). I had intended to make two separate puppets, but these things barely come down to my wrist. To get a character with a decent amount of neck/body, I had to add on the other car wash mitt to the first one.

I cut out a diamond shape in the mitt for a mouth, turned it inside-out, and sewed a black piece of felt in the same shape into the opening.

I tried all sorts of eyes, in many different positions. I even tried beady black eyes, close together. But when I put two oversized yellow egg eyes far apart, I knew I had him!

Then a foam tongue and teeth(one is actually a bit loose in this pic), and the pupils,and there you have it. I really like him, although he is a bit uncomfortable to operate.He has foam shoved up inside his head and a bit of cardboard backing his mouth, but you still have to strain your fingers a bit to keep him on your hand, simply because of the way the mitt is shaped.I think I’ll make another one, though.


Added some little blue antennas.

Tashi approves!


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