I have to post this at the Muppet Forum because it’s driving me nuts.

This is a great old video from the early days of Sesame Street, and the description says it perfectly–before Cookie Monster and Grover’s appearances and voices were established. This was also when a lot of the monsters were drab blues, grays and greens.

Anyway, the lineup here is as follows, from left to right:

Baby Monster (performed by Jim Henson)
Scudge (performed by Jim Henson)
Cookie Monster (performed by Carroll Spinney)
Beautiful Day Monster (performed by Carroll Spinney)
? (performed by Frank Oz)
Grover,who might have still been called “Gleep” at this time. (performed by Frank Oz)

Anyway, the “?” monster, the little round thing with a slightly feminine voice, is the one that I can’t find in Muppet Wiki or in books or anywhere. I haven’t seen it before, or since. I wonder if there’s anyone from the Muppet Archives who knows.It sure is cute, whatever it is.


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