On George Harrison’s Birthday today…SPIKE

I’d like to show off yet another character inspired by him.

(Forgive me if you’ve seen this already, but I’ve got quite the George backup today. It’ll all be over in a few hours and your F-list will return to normal,LOL..)

Back in the early 90’s, George was alive and well and the cancer hadn’t yet reared its head. George was doing his Wilburys thing and he was all over the airwaves and TV and I was loving every minute of it.He was sporting this look,with a mullet that I thought actually looked good, but photographers and video directors seemed to insist on having it spiked and teased way up.Naturally, an animal-or-monster caricature began crystallizing in my brain…

That hair started reminding me of a cockatoo. More specifically, a black palm cockatoo. Tame cockatoos are comical,friendly and curious,and George had such a silly, fun, affectionate side that this endearing species of bird seemed to suit him well.

So, you can see where I took it. This is Spike, named after George’s Spike Wilbury pseudonym. He normally wears a little vest, but for some reason I didn’t include it in this drawing.Spike is great fun to draw, with that tall crest sweeping back from his head.


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