Vintage Vitale: I draw my family

Wanna see something hilarious?

I think I might have been about ten when I drew this? Anyway, it shows my whole family down the the kitten who was renamed “Little Kitty” after being called “Tuffy” for a while.
What’s really funny is how dorky my brother Scott looks. Back then, he was kind of a pimply nerdy type with glasses, but then again, so was I, so I can’t really point fingers…
My dad is shown is his typical gear–a suit. Mother, the power-career woman, is in her sunglasses with her designer purse and her red hair piled way high. Grandmother is in green polyester, and Granddaddy, bless him, has his constant square-topped head I always gave him.
I seem to be taking money out of Mother’s purse, which confuses me; I wouldn’t have dared attempt it.What am I doing?

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