Oh, yes. The crap head.

I screwed up this head so badly I’m going to keep it–to always remind me to PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I’M DOING.

Why is this a crap head? Let’s examine, shall we?

I sewed the mouth to the wrong side of the fabric, then turned it “right side out”, only to discover that the right side of the fabric is on the inside and my crazy stitches are on the outside!

It’s kind of cute, in its own way, though. Sort of has a Kermit-meets-Audrey II look. I think I’ll stick some eyes on it.

Also, if you’re wondering why that’s black thread on green fabric, it’s easy to explain: I discovered that, since I always turn the puppet heads inside out, there was no need to be constantly fretting over matching the thread to the fabric for that part of the operation. So I eliminated hours of changing bobbins and threading needles, and you can’t even see the black thread when it’s turned right side out.

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