You know, sometimes puppets are unplanned..spontaneous…

Oranjello here is one such example.

When I was a kid, my grandmother got this WONDERFUL crafts magazine called “Pack-O-Fun”, and we were always making things together that we learned about in its glorious creative pages.Pack-O-Fun started as early as the 1950’s, I think, and it was all about making things from stuff you had around the house.Those projects taught me a lot about being resourceful.
One of those crafts was Jello box puppets. I decided to try it again, changing the technique just a bit, and..well…this thing erupted.

Oranjello’s head is, yes, two Jello boxes. Orange flavor, LOL.

I kind of think he needs teeth, but then you don’t get the nice “snap”when his mouth closes.

His eyes are first black, large, shiny buttons, and on top of those are two different color wiggle eyes–one orange and one yellow. I usually despise the use of wiggle eyes on puppets(they lack focus), but for OJ, here, it seemed just darn right.They probably need to be super-glued on, as it seems likely that one good knock could pop them off.

A small, fleece head I had made a few days ago was sacrificed and is inside the Jello boxes, making a bridge between the yellow fur and the box–I had to find some way to sew it all together. It’s a very sloppy sewing job, and was extremely hard to do.If I have to remake him(which could happen if his cardboard head breaks down) I’ll plan out the fabric head that goes inside the boxes specifically to suit the purpose.

His mouth is orange felt, and it also hinges the Jello boxes together.He needed one last little “something”, so I put a topknot of orange marabou on his head.

And there you have it! I don’t think I’ll give him arms, I really like him like this, just a long fuzzy neck with a head.


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