Much work to do here.

First off, I was totally sold on WordPress here when I needed help yesterday, and an actual human got back to me within 30 minutes. No searching through forums begging for advice and help, no contacting the elite person way up in the tower. Nope, I went to support, put ina request, and boom, I got help. That’s major points.

Second, I discovered that I could import the entire Puppatoons LJ to here, and I did it in an hour. No problems except the embedded videos didnt come over.

So first task is going back and putting them in.

Second task is one that I wouldn’t have to do if I hadn’t screwed up my tags. I changed my tags to categories, and somehow in the process deleted all the tags from my entries. Its a bit hard to explain, but it’s totally my fault and there’s no fixing it. Drat.  In other words, I have an hour or to of tidying up to do, but otherwise I am really, really liking this program. I only wish  it went a bit faster, but there’s so many options for everything I can understand why it can be slow.


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