The Power of Positive Thinking.

I’m usually a science-based person; however, there are a few things that have happened to me that I can’t explain, as well as a few things I’ve seen. For these reasons, I do leave a little window open in my mind about “other options”, as I call it.

Such a thing made itself known yesterday. I had talked to a former boss and trusted friend of mine, Leonora, the other night about “positive thinking”. She’s had a slump in her art restoration business lately, but she’s had good things happen when she sits down in the evening, clears her mind, and focuses and concentrates on thinking positively about the situation. It becomes almost a meditation session. She says it’s a little bit like a prayer in a way, as it’s a sort of request, but she makes certain that it’s very specific:”If I could just get in a few pieces of artwork”, for instance. And she says, “Damn if the phone doesn’t ring the next morning.”

So last night I tried it. I made sure I focused on “bringing in some work that would bring in just a little money–nothing big, but something I could do well enough that I might get more work”.

The next day I received the phone call about being a zombie extra in a locally-filmed movie. I’m not able to go, as I have obligations. Also, I’m not sure how flattering it is that I’d probably be really good at staggering around and groaning, but,’s pretty neat.


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