They’re almost like Wacky Stax!!!

Back in the embryonic days of the Muppets, Kermit’s eyes were two halves of a spherical toy called Wacky Stax. The little round thingies have been used for Muppet eyes ever since, to the tune of Jim Henson buying out the factory’s entire stock when the toy was discontinued.

I’ve always wanted to find something similar to Wacky Stax. My plastic Easter egg halves  make terrific eyes, but I’d like something different to try, for some variety. I was tickled to death to find small opaque black plastic cabochons in several online jewelry-making catalogs, which make great pupils and beady eyes,but still, a flat-sided, convex white piece of round plastic, like a true Muppet eye, eluded me.

Until now.


My husband, on a mission, began looking. He ordered something. And yesterday, this package arrived in the mail, from Plastic Beads Wholesale. (note: $30 minimum order so if you buy less than $30, they add a $20 low order fee.)


Pure. Magic. They are PERFECT.


Putting two of the small black cabochons on them really brings them to full eyeballish fruition.

Steve has an ulterior motive for ordering these, the little dickens. He wants me, somehow, to make a Wontkins puppet.


Wontkins is the little red guy, and he is so hilarious in the old commericals. He is a very simple puppet, but it’s the simple ones that are so difficult.  How am I going to replicate such perfection? I ask you, dear readers, how? (beats fists on ground)

Oh, well, I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, I have a glut of new eye material to work with. 🙂



  1. Those are GORGEOUS. They’re on my list now for sure!

    Steve is a clever minx, huh? A Wontkins would be really cool, though. I can’t remember where all the seamwork was when we saw that one at the Henson Exhibit, though. :\

    You do realize that if you make Wontkins, you have to make Wilkins, right? It’s a law of the universe!

  2. If you cannot find these- Ping pong balls will do, in fact a lot of Muppets eyes were made from plain old ping pong balls. Rowlf can be done with a ping pong ball cut
    in half and eyelids made from felt.

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