Today’s Progress: Four Things!


The Fuzzy Thing on a Stick now has arms. They are a purple kid’s jump rope, tied in the middle and held in place with some glue up under the “hair”.


The scarf has eyes, a little feathery topknot, and a tongue. I also stuffed the head with a piece of foam rubber to give it shape and sewed around it.


And work has begun on Lemonjello–i just have to sew the head to the body, which is hard to do. This time, there is a sock inside the Jello boxes (like the Jello box puppet pattern says to use), but it’s stillย  a chore to sew.

I also made some short films today. I was determined to get out my new camera and simply play around with it today. The audio is what’s foiling me now. I’m either too close to the camera and everything shrieks, or I’m too far away and you can’t hear me.It’s terrible. I was still cracking myself up, though. Tonight Steve will hopefully help me upload the few-second little clips I filmed today of:

1)Hari wooing Fifo(Smits’ monster character)

2)Mo excited about his “Sand Pail” post

3)Oranjello taking you on a tour of my office.

Stand by,sports fans. ๐Ÿ˜€


One comment

  1. Something I just remembered–I read someplace online that for rod puppets, some folks use a fish hook remover. It’s spring-loaded and you should be able to work with it, though I’d definitely experiment first. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet and I haven’t figured out the mechanics of rod puppets yet, either. :\

    Thought I’d throw that out there for you to think about, though.

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