Crispy Critters Cereal!

In the 80’s we had a cereal called Crispy Critters, which was supposed to look and taste like animal crackers. I hate animal crackers, and I can honestly say that isn’t what this cereal tasted like. To me it tasted a little like a cross between Kix and Cheerios. I thought it was pretty good. I had a friend named Sara at school who loved to sing the theme song to make me crack up.

I adored the commercial–the little animals were SO CUTE, and I’m guessing they were rather small rod puppets. Crispy, even if he was of undeterminable origin,was also a delightful character in my book. Those were the days when you could still do a Jimmy Durante impression and people got it. He also had an impressive pair of poongas (my word for antenna-like things with furry bobs on the ends, sprouting from a character’s head), like Hari’s.

I made screencaps of several different commercials to get good pics of all the characters.




Crispy at the piano


Lion and Camel


Goat and Hippo


The Goat again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately, General Mills couldn’t seem to have success with this cereal; it was actually put out decades before with disappointing sales, and the attempt to revive it in the 80’s didn’t take, either.



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