FRASH is in da house!

Time for some of my end-of-the-day, dark and grainy photos, but, as always, I try to capture the “birth” of the puppet. Frash’s happened to occur around midnight.


Thanks to Smits for the orange ball things that are his eyes.


He is really heavy, despite his foam interior, and your arm gets overheated pretty quickly.


His wild n’ wooly feathers are from a kids’ fancypants feather boa I got at Dollar General.


Big darn crazy bird.



  1. I like that he just happened. Very organic puppet development! (Glad to see you survived his creation, judging by that last post.)

    He looks terrific! I like his wacky hairdo. Looks like he used a dinglehopper. 🙂

    And whee, you used some of them round thingies what I sent! I’ll have to gather up some more for you before they’re gone.

  2. I love him! He’s so crazy looking. I can almost imagine what he sounds like!

    Hey, if you need some pointers on the photographs, let me know. Those digicams have steep learning curves.

  3. The photographs I take at night, in the dark house, in the mirror, nearly always come out this way. And the image I post is only a tiny, cropped piece of the overall photo, since I have to crop out me, the mirror, the bathroom sink, etc..LOL..I’m not really sure how to make them any clearer…

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