Poor Beige.


Poor, dear Beige. Somehow the situation suits him. Beige is a YaddaDadda in progress, and I keep failing miserably trying to sew his mouth in. Sewed and sewed for two hours last night and still couldn’tget it right.He is being made from a thick, beige work sock, and it is a bear to work with. It is extremely stretchy and keeps snapping loose, and when I roll it over to sew to the felt that is his mouth, I end up with this huge roll of sock fabric. Socks have a lot of organic life to them–they don’t just sit there and behave like felt or cotton.

He has a light beige, leaning toward cream, mouth-inside. He will have a beige or brown topknot. His general theme is to be just a sort of dull but likeable little fellow. I dated a guy like that once. His best friend, Bleach, is white and black and is the exact opposite.

So here poor ol’ boring Beige sits for the weekend, a needle stuck in his nose, waiting for me to take up the slack again tonight.


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