Case the Whole Joint–Adventures in Thrift Store Shopping

If there’s one thing I love, it’s thrift store shopping. Except used to I simply looked for junk and toys, and  now everything is geared toward puppet-making. Honed all the senses toward it.And I’ve found I prowl through Goodwill and thrift stores with a hunter’s eyes…like a panther, sniffing out its oblivious prey….


“Oh, look, this pillowcase is covered with a lovely  fur…..”


“Such a shame for your frosted purple pelt to go to waste, my pretty….”


“And what’s this? Yet another fuzzy scarf? Yes, yes, you’ll do fine. I might make you into arms or a tail.”

Anyway, you get the idea. Used to, I balked at Goodwill textiles, never having known where they’ve been.Then, finally, I broke down and bought a fuzzy scarf or two, washed them in the washing machine, and  decided they were cootie-free. Now, nothing is safe, if it’s in good enough shape. I stalked my way through the women’s coat section today, hoping to find a good fake fur,perhaps something spotted. Nothing tickled my fancy, and I refuse to use or buy real fur.


Sometimes I really score with uncut fabric. This half a yard of  a thick, wooly plush in a dark charcoal color.


Isn’t it neat? I found this in the blanket section, of all places.

To wrap things up, case the whole joint when you’re thrift store shopping.Things aren’t always sotcked on the shelves in the obvious places. Plus, most of the time,when a customer changes his or her mind about an item, rarely is it put  back where it was found.


One comment

  1. That’s so great! I love seeing all the ideas you get, just from browsing thrift stores. You and Jaime are both so creative. 😀 (Unfortunately you can’t find yarn in Goodwill stores… but I do get design ideas when I see what’s there.)

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