The Return!


Anyone who knows me fairly well knows how much I love The Beatles. Since I can’t see them in real life (although I have been in the presence of two of them),I have to settle for tribute bands. Some are good, some are okay. And some are super-champ-awesome. In my expert opinion, that title goes to The Return.And here’s why:

1) Their singing is above the bar, full of spirit and and the voices are as close as they can get.

2)Their instruments are re-issues, but are spot-on accurate in look and sound.

3) Their LOOK is perfect–They have the most accurate and finely-crafted costumes I’ve seen,from the both gray and black velvet-collared suits to Shea Stadium outfits. Knit ties, too!

And I could be wrong, but I think some wear wigs and some have their hair natural. But whatever they do, it all works–the right shades of brown, the right hair “shape”. And even if their faces are their own, unique faces and of course don’t look like the actual Beatles(I mean, let’s face it, you can only go so far with the appearance), the illusion is still there, in how they present themselves.

4) They STAY IN CHARACTER. You will see “John” nearsightedly scanning the audience, chewing gum and making faces;”Paul” has that perfect feet-together bouncing posture and,finger pointed,he addresses concertgoers in a most cheerful and encouraging way to sing and clap along; “Ringo” smiles and waves often;and “George” hunches his shoulders, does a little dance to keep the beat, and really goes for that crooked mouth.

5) They are friendly and accessible after the show. They are sweet, wonderful guys and any Beatles fan would absolutely love them.

6) They are OURS! They are located out of Griffin, Georgia, so we get to see them fairly often, haha!


Aren’t they adorable? From L-R, Michael “George” Fulop, Richard “John” Stelling, Adam “Ringo” Thurston, and Shane “Paul” Landers.


Jilly enjoyed rocking out today at their performance at Young Harris College.


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