Arms hurt. Real-lifey post. Possibly gross.

It would be this year, this very year that I explode back onto the scene with my puppets, that I not only have my continuing arthritis, but also bursitis, in my arms.

On my left shoulder is a pea-sized painful  knot. It is located exactly where my purse strap sits. After several appointments with a dermatologist,a plastic surgeon,and a very nice orthopedist; an MRI, and several painful cortisone shots,it has been determined that it is a lump on the bone beneath. I have mild arthritis there, and the bones beneath sort of come to a point in the joint, and one has a knot on it, making a knot on the skin above. The orthopedist says I need to either wear my purse on the other shoulder, or he’ll have to remove the knot surgically,shaving off bone. As simple as it sounds to move my purse to the other shoulder, the way most purses are made, the zipper will face to the back if I wear it that way, and that’s how things get stolen out of your purse.I can say this from personal experience. Plus, I plain old don’t want to carry my purse on the right side.

The lump also fills with fluid on occasion. *GAG*

I think after my next appointment in a few weeks, I’m going to tell him I want the knot shaved off.

My right arm is a mess. Due to the many tasks I have to do that require strenuous effort in my right arm,I have developed bursitis. I have very limited range of motion, and if you push my arm out of its range I yelp. No, make that cry.The doctor says I really need physical therapy. So I need to schedule that. *sigh* Well, if it makes my arm hurt less, It’ll be worth the effort.


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