Crazy Puppet Beatles…WHOA, Nellie!


Aren’t they just adorably hideous? From the hands of David O’ Keefe come The Threetles, as the remaining Beatles were dubbed in the 1990’s, when the Anthology series was released. I’ve heard Ringo compared to an elephant seal in this likeness, and poor George bears a frightening resemblance to an unholy union between Prince Charles and a donkey. But Paul is beginning to actually look like his caricature in real life,I’m afraid. Also notice John’s glasses next to George’s elbow.

I would love to get a close-up of the photo Paul is holding–it’s puppets of them as young Beatles!!



  1. Nothing like a comment on a blog post months after it was made, eh?

    I found a somewhat bigger version of this picture and dragged the picture into Photoshop to have a look. It appears that the photo in Paul’s hand is a black and white cartoon drawing, rather than a photograph of puppets. It’s hard to tell for absolute sure (with digital compression and all that) but it definitely looks like a drawing.

    The bigger picture is here, by the way:

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