“PFFT! You Was Gone!”

I grew up watching Hee Haw every Saturday night in the 1970’s, and I’d still watch it if I had some DVD’s of it.I loved that show. Before I get to the puppet part of this post, I have to share my favorite part of the show, the song that would bring me running in from the next room:

Oh,lordy..that was when that there teevee was plumb funny. So many of those folks reminded me of my own relatives.

Anyway, yep, there were puppets on Hee Haw. The main one I remember was the crow in the cornfield, who you heard go “CAW! CAW!” once or twice before the “corny” jokes began:


  1. hehe, about a year or so ago, I looked those up on YouTube: the old Hee Haw songs as some of them popped into my head as old memories. 🙂 The songs still bring a smile to me, even if the show was very corny.

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