The Tale of the Nine Dragons.

This is hard for me to do, but I’m bursting to follow through with this idea. I am taking the dragons in my Etsy Shop off sale, because they’re just sitting there and I have been wanting to do a show with them for ages. I need to “build the brand” anyway before I expect any real sales. Promote! Promote!

I was already going to keep Klang, who is no longer in the shop, but now I’m going to keep the other eight. What am I going to do with them? I want to have them in a joke-wall situation, a little like Laugh-in, or the lockers on You Can’t do that on Television. With there being nine of them, there will be a nice variety. Steve and I can do lots of back-and-forth corny jokes with them popping out of doors in a wall(maybe a castle wall?), and even our friends can participate if they want. I’d love that, to have members of the FBO as guest puppeteers.

Along with Klang, here’s the others I’m especially fond of:







*snicker* I should call it Drag-In.



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