Frash is Gettin’ Feets!

Poor Frash. I made him some feet the other night, getting ready to take him to his first Thrashers game on Saturday(which also the last game of the season…crap!). I decided they were too small and crumply and I took them off. I’m working on making him new feet–and legs–but they’re still very small. I only have a teensy amount of the violet color fleece that makes up his beak and I wanted them to be the same; this color is very hard to find, naturally, and I couldn’t find it at either JoAnn fabrics yesterday. As for their size, it’s funny, though, because it gives the illusion that he’s big and overweight and only has these little spindly legs to hold him up. Hopefully I’ll get them done tonight, and I will take pics.:)


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