Thrashers Game Goodness!


Well,I’m on pins and needles waiting for one of our group to send me photos from tonight, but until then, I am hoping people might be out there Googling things like “blue bird puppet Muppet Atlanta Thrashers hockey game”and such.

Long story short, Frash was a huge hit at the game tonight, and everything went great, except for one kid-man-child who insisted on grabbing and French-kissing him. Dude, don’t do stuff like that. That is serious space invasion, and you’re lucky my puppet hand (the good fist-making one)was occupied or I might have parted your teeth down the middle. You can pat the puppets, you can hug the puppets, you can even lightly smooch the puppets…but when you leave your bodily fluids on my puppets, just to impress your idiot friends, I’m gonna get nasty.

But otherwise, it was an awesome evening. Frash got on the Jumbotron a total of four times!! And also, some of our group were in their Star Wars helmets, so we were quite the attention-getters all the way around!



  1. I know it’s such an overused word, but AWESOME! I can’t wait to see pics! Sounds like Frash had a good time, except for that whole….being violated by a drunken weirdo part. You did clean up poor Frash with some Clorox wipes or Lysol, yes? I’m with you on the personal space bit and the Puppet Rules–Little gentle kisses are alright, but slobbering is OUT. That’s disgusting. You poor dears. *hugs on*

    I say start practicing your punches with the opposite fist, just as a precautionary measure. It never hurts to be prepared.

    Hey, I could make him a little wooden hockey stick as a prop! And if it happened to smack a guy getting fresh with Frash, oh gosh oops.

  2. I’m glad he was such a success! Gross about that guy, though… Why would anyone think that was okay? I mean, even if you had no inhibitions or anything–you’re going to get a mouthful of fabric, which… why? Also, I agree that it’s a huge violation of personal space. Eeeeew all around.

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