We haz a Whatnot.

I completely forgot to mention that Steve bought a Whatnot from the Whatnot Muppet Workshop at FAO Schwarz.


Considering how the Muppet Workshop folks had to design a puppet that could be a toy and be mass-produced, yet personalized to your order, it’s pretty brilliant.


Although Steve ordered it, and really pushed for the ostrich-feather hair, he seemed to really want my input, so I insisted we made sure the puppet had the little Whatnot hoodie. Isn’t it cute? Don’t know if Steve’s given the Whatnot a name yet.


And speakin’ of the Whatnot Workshop, our pal Detag went to FAO the last time he visited family in New York, and got us tee-shirts. This is totally my new favorite shirt.


The back seals the deal.:)


One comment

  1. I want one of those Whatnot hoodies in real people size. I’m dead serious. 🙂

    He’s a cute little guy! Does he have a name yet? And ooo–What about the arm rods? Well, rod. I know they only come with one, but I’m keenly curious as to how it hooks inside the hands and all. I’m also interested in the overall construction of the little fella. *grabby hands*


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