Four More YaddaDaddas!


Steebie, named after my husband Steve. His colors really remind me of a lot of shirts Steve wears.:)


Moss, who has..well,a lot of green.


Tag, named for friend DeTag, who is a big Notre Dame fan. Note that Tag is made in Irish flag colors…


…as well as Irish upside-down hearts on the lower half of his body. Tag can now be known as the only YaddaDadda with a tattoo,I guess.:)


and Bleach, named for his white face.



  1. These little guys are turning out so freaking cute. 🙂

    Dumb question: Will they have arms later on? Just curious.

    1. Yes, they will have arms. I wanted to go on and make all the little heads and bodies first, then decide if they really needed arms. I think they do, so now the other sock in every pair will go toward making the little arms. Kinda sock-monkey style,LOL..

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