More Frash at his first Thrashers Game!

So here’s how this whoopass evening went. As it was the last game of the season, our group wanted to do something a little different. We decided to all wear our Star Wars helmets, even me….until I thought about it a bit more, and how much I wanted to make a puppet to take to the game. That’s when I furiously began working on Frash at home. Holy moly, he was completed just in time. I had wanted him to wear a black collar with studs on it and a big license with his name,but that didn’t quite work out, so he settled for a lanyard.This worked out perfectly,using a star-shaped plastic balloon weight for the “tag”. I’m going to make him an actual ID badge now, laminated and with his photo and everything.


So here’s our crew..or most of them. Darrell as a Republic Commando Clone, our new pal Kyle in a Stormtrooper bucket, and Steve in his prized Biker Scout helmet.

And then there’s me and Frash, down at the end. I started off the evening being a bit subtle, not wanting to be too obnoxious.


Detag was on my other side, and was an incredibly good sport about Frash(and my elbow) constantly ramming him in the side. I took up a lot of room in my seat with that bird.

I had Frash follow the game as if he were really watching.


Then it happened. When out of the blue, the “Imperial March” music (probably better known to non-Star Wars nuts as “The Darth Vader Theme”)Β  began booming throughout the stadium, our group was seen on the Jumbotron up above. Gina, always ready with her camera, caught it. Seeing us onscreen, and seeing Frash barely in the picture, I lost all sense of subtleness and Frash wasn’t having it either. Bashing poor Steve out of the way, Frash made his camera debut.


He appeared again a little later, this time really bustin’ some moves on his own.


Gina caught him again on the screen, still dancing, before some guy walked right in front of the camera. Awesome snapshot work, Gina!!


Poor Steve kept getting conked by Frash’s lanyard and apparently it made a horrendous knocking sound against his helmet. I quickly stopped perching Frash on his shoulder.


Still,Steve really knows how to go for the humorous photo.:)


And there you have it!

I had forgotten how much fun it was to interact with people with my puppets. Little kids were coming up to get their pictures taken with him, as well as some adults.People were asking me what the deal with the bird was–where is he from, etc..I wonder if they thought a new mascot was being tested out or something. Well,I’d totally take the job if it were offered, like a mini-mascot to Thrash. I’d never want to knock Thrash aside, he’s too cool. But I think Frash has the makings of a really popular character, and Steve and I are grooming him as such:

He cannot continue as a rod puppet, first of all. His wings, even though they are only foam and fake fur, are very heavy and the rods simply can’t take the torture–one of them popped out at the very end of the evening. We agreed, though, that Frash needs to be able to hug,shake hands, high-five and give a thumb-up sign, all of which he can’t really do the way he is built right now. So,I’m gonna get on the stick andΒ  make him a live-hand puppet. His right wing will be functional as a live hand, but stay clipped to his chest, while the left one will be in operation most of the time. Steve thinks that if the motion is needed, he can put his hand in the right wing and assist, which means Steve needs to always be on my right side. No complaints there!

He will also get his lanyard and ID like I mentioned before. I think it’s a great addition to him and helps people learn his name.:)

It was a terrific, fun-loaded evening for me. Can’t wait till next season.



  1. This day was such a great time! poor Kyle was sick as a dog but he still wore that helmet all game. I made sure I stayed out of Frash’s solo screen time. Everytime I spotted the corner of my helmet I tried to move back out of the shot. A lot of the folks that came up to Liz to see and talk about Frash first thought he was a person in a full body costume. They were blown away that he was a hand puppet. A star is born!

    1. Thank you!
      I should have mentioned how freakin’ cold it was–the coldest we’ve ever remembered–in the stadium.It has to be so cold anyway because of the ice, but god, it was like…blizzard conditions in there.The right half of me was toasty warm from having that big ol’ puppet on my arm, and the left side was like an icicle!

  2. Frash is gonna be a superstar for sure when the season starts again. He’s well on the way already! He looks absolutely FANTASTIC. And woo, he made it on the Jumbotron!

    Being converted to a live hand puppet would be great and add tenfold to his outgoing, boisterous personality. You’ve got the off-season to groom him accordingly. πŸ™‚

    You’re making me want to pursue this very same kinda idea for our local hockey team (Nashville Predators), but so far, I’ve had no luck conjuring up anything suitable. (I wanted to make a Gnash puppet, but being original is WAY better. :D)

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