11th Annual National Day of Puppetry, April 25


This year I will be celebrating the National Day of Puppetry by attending a screening of Puppet Up! with my pal Smits and my husband Steve at The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.

Join us in celebrating this special day! Make a silly YouTube video with sock puppets! Entertain your kids by drawing faces on small paper bags and enacting famous fairy tales!  Or, like Smits so brilliantly pointed out, you can even Google the event to see if there’s anything going on in theaters or festivals in your area. I can cheat a little since I’ve got The Center for Puppetry Arts right here…but I’ve heard of various events going on in other places around the world. Check it out; there could be a show going on right in your neighborhood!

Have you even been truly interested in puppetry, but were too shy or felt you didn’t have the knowledge or skill to go out on your own? I highly recommend joining a Puppetry Guild for fun, fellowship and education.( Click the link for guilds in the United States). Or, be daring and start one!



  1. I am very excited about this for many reasons:

    1) This is my first NDoP ever! I wish I’d known it existed before now, I would have been all over that like butter on a biscuit.

    2) We’re celebrating at the hub of all things puppety. SWEET.

    3) I GET TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN! *snoopydance*

    I so wish we had some kind of local puppet-meet here in Mid-TN, but so far, I’ve found nothing. The Atlanta Guild is the closest one to me, looks like. (I’d love to start one, but my ability to hold people together in a cohesive group fails on some incredible levels. D:)

    1. HUH. I can feel your pain there. I think I’;m already going to get a huge group backlash because I dared hint I preferred the Beatles being heterosexual on Beatlepics,LOL!! BRING IT ON!

      Anyway, ditto on 1–3!

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