Liz’s Creepyface Makeup!

A couple of people asked how my Haunted Mansion Bride makeup is done, so here’s a quick series of pics.These are from a separate event we participate in at Turner Studios at Halloween, but our makeup is nearly identical…just a little less detailed(and, admittedly, a little sloppier in my case) so we can get into our scenes faster. Here’s me in the public bathroom, taking photos:


First, the yellow contact lenses go in,and I have to wash my face thoroughly.


I cover my face in white(forgot to take that pic) and then I block in the darkest areas in a dark blue.


I color my eyebrows extra-black, then outline the dark blue areas in a sort of teal color. I also color my lips with the teal, then go back over it all with the white to blend things in.


I still need a bit of help from makeup-expert-pal Darrell,who taught me how to do this in the first place, but I’m almost able to do it all on my own, now. This is after he did some work on my neck and a bit more blending, then sprayed my face with a fixative.I am physically unable to outline my eyes behind my lashes(squicks me the hell out), so he has to do it for me, with me groaning and whining the whole time.


And in my Victorian party dress, with Ambrose on my shoulder. For my “act”, I sat in a huge, ornate leather and mahogany chair and had Ambrose sitting in my lap, looking disdainfully at people as they passed by. Scared the daylights out of some people, adults and kids, with my eyes. It’s awesome.


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