The Feetles. In Progress.

I haven’t accomplished a whole lot, puppet-wise, whis week. I’ve mostly been cleaning house, getting ready for my pal Smits to visit, and a large part of that was cleaning my workshop. When I’m on a creative roll it looks like a bomb went off in here.

But the small progress I did make was on my four YaddaDaddas that will be a little Beatles tribute band…The Feetles(yes, you may groan).

Yadda’s with no hands in their heads are kinda gruesome..they look deflated! But here’s the lineup so far:


Only I can tell them apart so far, especially when they’re deflated. From L-R: Paul, John, George(whose mouth came out crooked completely by accident)and Ringo, who has a sort of cute worried browline when he’s put on a hand.

It’s extremely hard to make them individualized–eyebrows don’t work on these fellows because they get lost in the tuft of hair on top. Yadda’s have no external noses or ears, either, and I tried giving the George one a few teeth, with frightening results. So, they may just have to look really, really similar.

I’m trying as best I can to even make their suits out of sock material as well–their suits, so far, are a second, black sock put over their bodies, and their arms(waiting to be sewn)are made out of those same black socks, with wee gray hands, matching the face material, poking out. The collars of their suits, and ties, may be a bit difficult.


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