Beginning work on “Something Borrowed”.

I know, could I possibly have any more irons in the fire? Well, actually, I’m only doing some very preliminary work on Something Borrowed. I need to set up my overhead projector I saved for and learn how to use it–it’s for the shadow puppetry used in the ghost stories on the show.

The other big task is strictly a matter of willpower; trimming myself back down to really look good in my wedding dress costume. The dress was purchased at a thrift store because it was exactly the style dress I wanted,and it was only $35, but we had to alter it so I could fit into it(it’s a size too small).This involves a long power walk in the morning, and I took my first one around our large subdivision today. I want to get back down to the size I was a few years ago, because then we can take off the alterations on the dress and I can fit in it the real way.

Just drinking water instead of sodas like I used to has already helped me lose about 15 pounds, without any sort of exercise program. I think once I start the regular walks It’s going to help a lot.

So now I am a work in progress, haha.


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